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What is traction control?

Traction Control helps you to accelerate and stop your wheels spinning if they are not gripping a surface well,  particularly on roads that are snowy, icy or wet.

How does Traction Control work?

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It works in the background and kicks in automatically when needed and only engages when your wheels start to slip. You can turn traction control on and off with a button on most dashboards, it is best to leave it turned on all the time and only turn it off if you are stuck in deep snow or mud and are trying to rock the car out of it and if you ever install tyre chains.

Is traction control important to a family car?

Traction Control is a very important BabyDrive feature that can help you stay in control of your vehicle. It comes as standard now in new cars but it is a good one to check for if you are buying a second-hand car that might predate this becoming standard.

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