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What is high-speed alert?

High-speed alert displays the speed limit on your driver display and sounds a warning noise if you are driving over the speed limit.

How does high-speed alert work?

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The car's computer system uses a camera to read the road signs or GPS position, combined with a database of speed limits. An alert flashes up in your sat nav display or on your driver's display as well as an audible warning if you go over the speed limit.

Is high-speed alert an important family car feature?

Although at first high-speed alert seemed simply to help avoid speeding tickets, I discovered it actually quite useful in a BabyDrive context. I find myself more distracted now I'm a mum while driving and often find myself wondering what the speed limit is as I may have missed the speed limit sign, so being able to look at my driver display and see it all the time is really helpful. I have found the displayed speed is not always accurate or up to date when a speed limit is changed, so it is still important to look at the signs too. I am not a fan of the warning noise as I find it disturbs my little passenger and frazzles my nerves!

What else is high-speed alert called?

Speed warning system

Speed alert

Speed limit alert

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