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I went down to the beautiful Yarra Valley in Victoria to drive the updated 2024 Kia Sorento, so let’s see what changes have been made to this seven-seat family SUV and how that affects it as a BabyDrive…

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The updated exterior gives it a fresh new look which continues into the interior too.

One thing that hasn’t changed from the previous Sorento, thankfully, is the rear seating (apart from the superhero outfit looking new upholstery).

2024 Kia Sorento ISOFIX child seat anchorages in the second row

The 2024 Kia Sorento has ISOFix points in the outer second-row seats and top tether anchorages in the back of all three second-row seats.

2024 Kia Sorento ISOFIX child seat anchorages in the second row

In the third row, there are ISOFix points in both seats and top tether anchorages on the back of both seats, too, that are easily accessible through the boot.

2024 Kia Sorento top tether child seat anchorages in the second row

I only took two Infasecure child seats along with me, I installed the Infasecure Momentum More child seat in the third row…

2024 Kia Sorento with child seat installed in the third row

…and the Infasecure Adapt More in the second-row seats.

2024 Kia Sorento legroom with forward-facing child seats installed in the second row

When I tested the previous Kia Sorento, five Infasecure child seats fitted really nicely in the back, which is great news for large or blended families and gives smaller families flexibility in where you put your child seats.

Kia Sorento with five child seats installed

Third-row access works well if you use two child seats in the second row. However, if you've got three it will still work. The second-row seats are split 60:40, and you can bring either the 60% or 40% seat forward and climb through to the third row. To do this, you must use the ISOFIX to attach your child's seat, not the car's seat belt.

2024 Kia Sorento access to the third row with child seats installed in the second row

Legroom is good in all three rows of seats in the Sorento. We could fit a 184cm driver, with a rear-facing Infasecure Attain More in the second row and Infasecure Momention More seat in the third row.

2024 Kia Sorento legroom with forward-facing child seats installed in the second row

Rear passengers are well looked after in the Sorento with built-in window blinds in the second-row windows of the top-spec GT Line and now in the Sport+ model, too.

There are air-con vents in all three rows of seats in the Kia Sorento, which is fantastic for keeping everyone in the car comfortable. They are in the back of the central console box in the second row…

…and in the sidewalls of the third row.

You can control the rear climate from the front, which is perfect for families so parents can set the temperature to avoid squabbles!

There are STILL no third-row airbags in the Kia Sorento, which is a shame as it doesn't offer those passengers in the back row as much protection in the event of a crash.

2024 Kia Sorento has ISOFIX child seat anchorages in the third row

The Sorento continues to have excellent storage throughout all three rows of seats, my family's favourite being the rear door cup holders so the kids can easily access their drinks and snacks without me having to reach backwards while we're driving.

There are USB-C sockets in the side of the front seats so second-row passengers can charge devices while driving along…

… as well as in the third-row too.

While the 2024 Kia Sorento continues to have all these great internal features for families, the biggest change is to the technology. The dashboard now has a 12.3 curved digital cluster and infotainment display that wraps around the driver.

The media system now has wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to easily access your phone's music, navigation and messaging and apps while driving.

You can customise the media display and move around the icons to have your most frequently used easy-to-access.

The Sorento also has a 10” head-up display with turn-by-turn navigation, which works with Google Maps and the inbuilt navigation.

You can start the engine using the remote start on the key fob, or the 2024 Sorento has Kia Connect, which allows you to control many things remotely using an app on your phone.

Using the Kia Connect app, you can lock and unlock the doors, allowing families to open them so kids can load in with their stuff (or more to the point for frazzled parents, if you find yourself flustered wondering if you locked it you can check and do it on your phone).

You can also open and close windows to allow ventilation in the car, which will be great for hot days to cool the car ahead of you getting in.

You can also set the climate and start the engine so the car is cooled or heated ahead of you and your family getting in.

Boot space remains good in the Sorento, so when using five seats a double pram easily fits in the boot and more. Whether your kids are little and in a pram or if they are older and you are carrying around their instruments and sports gear (this picture is of the previous model Sorento)!

Kia Sorento boot space for twin side by side stroller pram and shopping with two rows of seats in use

A single pram will fit in the boot when using all seven seats of the Sorento (this picture is of the previous model Sorento).

Kia Sorento boot space for single stroller pram and shopping with all three rows in use

The drive of the 2024 Kia Sorento has been improved and is now a refined and balanced ride for passengers in the front and the back. The smooth feel will be great for kids as it should reduce motion sickness. The ride is smooth and has more of the feel of a luxury brand.

The welcome introduction of a digital centre mirror is great for families, allowing you to see clearly behind you when you have child seats in the back blocking the view, or are packed roof-high with everything you need on a family holiday.

For families that want to tow, the 2024 Kia Sorento has a two-tonne towing capacity.

The 2024 Kia Sorento also carries over a 5-star ANCAP safety rating from the previous model (tested in 2020) and many new safety systems have been added as part of this update, including a safe exit warning that prevents your passengers from opening the door when a vehicle is coming alongside the car.

In conclusion, the new Kia Sorento seven-seat SUV continues to be a fantastic option for families big and small, and the changes to this 2024 model are all welcome additions.

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