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I tested the Hyundai i30 Active sedan, which is the base model of the range. The exterior of the Hyundai i30 sedan looks NOTHING like the hatch and has some bold shaping on the side panels that remind me of Harry Potter's scar.

Mocka Nursery furniture

In the interior is a statement handle in the central console to divide the passenger and driver compartments and apart from that it is fuss-free, like I loved in the i30 Elite Hatch. The i30 hatch is a favourite of mine for families of four so I am interested to see if the i30 Active sedan is also a practical option for families, in our BabyDrive testing.

Like all sedans, the boot space is where it excels. It fits fifteen shopping bags from empty, which is comparable to the Toyota Corolla and Kia Cerato which both hold fifteen bags too and the Honda Civic is slightly smaller holding fourteen shopping bags.

2021 Hyundai i30 boot space for shopping with two rows of seats in use

With a twin pram in the boot, the Hyundai i30 Active sedan beats its rivals by holding six shopping bags with it, where the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Kia Cerato all hold five shopping bags with a twin pram.

2021 Hyundai i30 boot space for twin side by side stroller pram and shopping with two rows of seats in use

There is a lot of space for child seats in the back of the Hyundai i30 sedan. I could fit three child seats really nicely across and legroom was good too, with a rear-facing child seat on the driver's side a 180cm driver should sit in front of it and on the passenger side at least a 184cm passenger could sit in front of a rear-facing child seat or infant capsule.

2021 Hyundai i30 with three child seats installed in the second row

The low roofline is always a consideration with sedans and the Hyundai i30 is no exception. What I have found is that it was more practical than I was expecting because there is so much interior space lengthways, which it made it much easier to reach in to put babies into rear-facing child seats and for an adult to reach in and do up the child seat harnesses.

The storage throughout the Hyundai i30 sedan is quite minimal, especially in the back, where only 600ml bottles fit in the small door pockets and there is a single net map pocket.

In the front it is slightly better except for the front door bins that are really small and only fit 600ml bottles too.

There are two clever cup holders in the central console…

…that are the right depth to hold reusable and disposable coffee cups and then you switch the holder insert around they are deep enough for a large refillable water bottle or a smoothie/milkshake cup.

There is a large handle that divides the front passengers at the central console, which I've heard people say they either love or hate. We found it wasn't even a consideration for us and didn't get in our way at all in our week spent with the i30 sedan.

There are two USB and a 12V socket as well as the wireless phone charging well…

…and a handy shelf on the side of the central console for the front passenger's phone.

The Hyundai i30 sedan is a low car so your seating position does affect visibility when driving, especially when you add three child seats to the mix. The good news is there is a rearview camera, with a clear image quality, which also gives you really good rear visibility while driving along.

The i30 sedan is a smooth car to drive, although I did find some of the gear changes felt quite clunky which would disturb little passengers in the back. Being a long vehicle, parking is a bit more tricky especially in tight school and supermarket car parks and I found it hard to judge where the extremities of the vehicle were.

The media system in the i30 sedan is very basic and easy to use.

It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is fantastic and gives you access to your apps and navigation etc.

The reversing camera image is very clear, it fills the whole screen and makes reversing and manoeuvring much easier, with the reduced visibility out of the back.

The great boot space and interior space allowing three child seats in the back make the Hyundai i30 Active sedan a surprisingly more practical car for a family of five than I was expecting! The edition of the rearview camera makes visibility good too. I was disappointed by the drive with the i30 sedan and felt it was ruined for me by clumsy gear changes.

The i30 Active sedan has not been ANCAP tested and Hyundai is not planning on testing it in Australia. The i30 sedan has six airbags as standard.


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Mocka nursery furniture
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