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BabyDrive Verdict

The Kia Sportage was a nippy little SUV that felt nimble on the roads and more like a hatch than an SUV!  Let's find out how it faired through our BabyDrive testing!

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The boot of the Sportage would hold 12 shopping bags, that's of equal capacity to its competitor, the VW Tiguan, and one less bag than the Mazda CX-5 and Honda CR-V.

The boot isn't very deep but the strollers all fitted Mountain Buggy Duet twin stroller fitted with three shopping bags, the Britax Flexx tandem stroller with five, the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle with six and the Mountain Buggy Nano compact stroller with ten.

When installing child seats in the back, there are ISOFix in the two outer rear seats, they are not within plastic guides but I found they were still easy to connect too.

There are three top tether anchor points situated in the seatbacks that are accessible through the boot, although I did find the retractable roller blind sat so close to the seat backs I couldn't post the top tether clip through without bringing the seatbacks forward. Surprisingly I could just fit three child seats into the rear f the Sportage! I had to use the seatbelts rather than the ISOFix for the Britax Maxi Guard Pro and Graphene in the outer seats as well as for the Britax Kid Guard Pro in the central seat.

It was much more spacious with just the two outer child seats installed and I could then use the ISOFix for the Britax Graphene.

Legroom is surprisingly good in the cabin! In front of the rear facing child seat, there is 28cm of knee-room for the front passenger.

The media touch screen system in the Kia Sportage is very good, it’s so easy to use and the swipe and scroll method is easy to navigate the first time you use it. It also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which makes life so simple!

The air-conditioning in the Sportage is very effective and easy to control, it took no time to cool the cabin on a hot Queensland day. There are four air vents across the front dash and two in the back for rear passengers, I could reach the rear controls from the front to control them for little passengers in the back while I was driving. There are also two sockets in the back for charging while driving along.

Storage in the cabin of the Sportage is compact but adequate. The glove box, cup holders, phone tray etc were all of good, practical sizes.

The Sportage was a great car to drive around town and felt smaller on the road, nippy and more agile than some of its competitors!

The exterior looks stylish and has character however the interior has a more basic and practical feel. The woven seat fabric reminds me of school blazers and would be hard to keep child spills and stains out of.

As a family car and a BabyDrive, it is great, the higher ride made visibility while driving good and made loading the boot a little easier.

The Kia Sportage got a 5-star ANCAP safety rating in 2016 and has six airbags as standard.

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Tace Clifford
About Tace Clifford
Tace Clifford founded BabyDrive in 2017 after discovering a huge information gap in mainstream car reviews that left new parents and expanding families in the dark when it came to one of the biggest purchasing decisions of their lives.


  1. I got my Sportage near the end of 2018, every one says how nice it is both on the inside an outside. The seats are very comfortable, The only thing that I can pick wrong with the 2 litre petrol is that at times, I would like a little bit more power. But that is just being picky.

  2. I have just been to check if I can fit my three car seats across the back of a 2017 sportage, it looks like I can fit 2x rear facing graphene seats and 1x Maxiguard! Tight but no tighter than my current car. I forgot to fully extend the seat RF so I am going back today to try! Otherwise I loved the sportage. I think just enough space for my little family!

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