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NOTE: We've updated this review as officially the Y62 Nissan Patrol only has three top tether anchorages for installing child seats (two in the second row and one in the third row).

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The 2020 Nissan Patrol has had a facelift on the outside and it looks great!

This enormous eight-seater hasn't changed much on the inside though! I tested the bottom spec 2020 Patrol Ti model which was a shame because I didn't get to play with one of the top-spec Ti-L model's new rearview mirror that shows your reversing camera image. I also missed out on the Ti-L's heated and cooled seats and instead were a row of ugly plastic blanks. The good news is that improved AEB and boosted airflow to the third-row seats are across all models, which I did get to experience.

Compared to the swish and hi-tech new interior (with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) on Patrols sold overseas, the Australian Nissan Patrol really hasn't changed inside. On the upside, is incredibly spacious and nice inside compared to most big off-road vehicles. The faux wood is a little cheesy and the dash is cluttered with buttons and dials that are incorporated into the slick pair of media screens built into the revamped dashboard of overseas versions.

2020 New Nissan Patrol (4)

Spot the difference?

The 2020 Patrol's media system is dated and very basic and the number of controls for it on the dash is overwhelming, I am not sure if I'd ever get used to what they do!

The Nissan Patrol Ti does have a lot of fantastic family-friendly features too, like the central console box that can be opened in both directions so that both front and rear passengers can open it… genius! In the top-spec Ti-L model, this is a fridge which is even more useful.

Storage throughout the 2020 Patrol is great. There are cup holders in all three rows and ample space in the door bins and map pockets for iPads to be stored.

For 2020 the Patrol has increased airflow to the third-row seats and there are air vents in all three rows of seating in the ceiling above the windows.

There are three top tether anchorages in the Nissan Patrol; one in each of the outer second-row seat backs, at the at the very base of them, and one in the third-row seat back on the driver's side.

You can install three child seats, two in the second-row seats and one in the third-row. There was ample legroom for a 182cm or taller driver with rear-facing child seats installed in the second row.

BUT it was not straightforward as the top tether anchorages in the second-row are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to access. Because the second-row seats do not slide you can not access the top tether anchorages unless you climb in through the boot to access them, which means putting the third-row seats down. But when the third-row seats are folded, the top tether anchorages are then hidden below them and you can't access them. It was a very frustrating process.

I also found when installing the third-row child seat you have to be careful with the type of child seat you choose because with most I tried there was no legroom. I found only a booster seat would work in the third-row.

Nissan 2020 Patrol child seats

The third-row is three seats and the central seatbelt comes from the ceiling. I did find I could sit comfortably beside the booster seat and there would be just enough room for me again at the side. Leg and headroom were just enough and I'm 162cm.

Boot space hasn't changed in the 2020 Patrol it is still excellent and with all eight seats in use, I could still get all types of pram and stroller in the boot, including a twin stroller which fitted with three shopping bags.

Nissan 2020 Patrol boot

When you are only using five seats, the boot is enormous and fits 22 shopping bags! That's the same as the Infiniti QX80, two more than the Lexus LX450D and four more than the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series.

The reversing camera visuals are quite small for such a big car but you do get different camera angles, which is good, and you can mute the parking sensors easily with a button on the screen. In the top-spec model, you also get the rearview mirror camera image too.

Part of the update on the Nissan Patrol is a new suspension with increased comfort offroad. I didn't notice an enormous difference around town and suburbs but I was incredibly surprised how easy it is to maneuver and navigate around small places. The turning circle is very small for a car of this size and the steering very light, I was constantly being pleasantly surprised by it in tight car parks!

The Nissan Patrol has not been ANCAP safety rated. It has six airbags as standard including side curtain airbags that extend to the third-row. There are pre-tensioner seatbelts in the front seats only.

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