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BabyDrive Verdict

SPONSOR SHOUTOUT: I used a selection of prams from our review sponsor Silver Cross. Their range of prams fit nicely in the boot with either the bassinet attachment or the seats. Varying amounts of shopping fit in the boot with the prams. Silver Cross Australia has a great website where you can view their range of prams and see which will suit your family! If you find BabyDrive helpful, please support us by supporting our sponsors!

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The Renault Kadjar is a small five-seater SUV, but is it any good as a family car? Let's find out when I test it with my family for a week and put it through our BabyDrive testing…

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020

The Kadjar is a good looking SUV with a neat interior.

I found it a simple car to drive and it was easy and pleasant to nip around town and the suburbs on my day to day journeys and kindy drop-offs. It was easy to park in school and supermarket car parks too.

The reversing camera helps with this, the image is quite clear and you get a birdseye sensor view too, you can mute the parking sensors by pressing the icon on the screen.

There is a good seatbelt visual in the Renault Kadjar too so you can see which of the three rear seats have seatbelts on.

The media system is quite simple to use and navigate in the Renault Kadjar. It is landscape as opposed to the Renault Koleos which has a portrait media screen.

It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is great.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 has Apple CarPlay

The 2020 Renault Kadjar JUST fits three child seats in the back, two child seats and a slim booster seat. There are ISOFix points in the two outer seats and top tether anchorages across all three seatbacks.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 with three child seats installed

Legroom is quite tight, with rear-facing child seats a 162cm driver can sit in front. Whereas with a forward-facing child seat we found a 182cm driver could sit in front.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 with child seats installed

Space in the boot of the 2020 Renault Kadjar is surprisingly generous and it holds all the Silver Cross prams we tested (but some types do only go in with the parcel shelf removed). I could fit the Silver Cross Wave double pram, with either the bassinet and seat or two seats with four bags of shopping.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 boot space with pram

The Silver Cross Coast single pram…

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 boot space with pram

…with either the bassinet or seat and four bags of shopping.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 boot space with pram

The Silver Cross Pioneer single pram fit nicely in the boot with either the bassinet or seat and five bags of shopping.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 boot space with pram

The Silver Cross Jet compact stroller fits easily in the boot of the Renault Kadjar with nine shopping bags beside it.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 boot space with pram and shopping

Twelve shopping bags fit in the boot when it's empty. That's one more than a Mitsubishi ASX, Kia Seltos or Nissan Qashqai. There is a fantastic divider in the boot floor that allows you to section off half the boot, I love this for being able to separate your boot into sections so the shopping doesn't roll around the boot, or the beach stuff is kept near the front! It's great for organising the space.

Renault Kadjar Zen 2020 boot space with shopping

Interior storage is practical too. There are two cup holders in the central console and a babycino holder too!! The central console box is quite small but has a tray in the top for glasses. There's a phone charging well and practical sized glove box and door bins all in the front.

In the back, the door bins are smaller and won't hold a large refillable water bottle. There is a single map pocket and two cup holders.

The model I tested has auto lock and unlock doors which are always such a help with kids. You don't have to fumble about for your keys in your bag and you keep your hands free for carrying kiddies and all their ‘stuff'!!

The Renault Kadjar quite a practical small SUV for a family of four, with a good size boot and two child seats in the back and it's easy to park and negotiate tight school and supermarket car parks.

The Renault Kadjar SUV has yet to be ANCAP safety tested (it got five stars from Euro NCAP in 2015) and comes with six airbags as standard.


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Advert: Mocka nursery furniture


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Mocka nursery furniture
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