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The NEW 2022 Kia Sportage GT Line is a great five-seater SUV for families. The previous model is very popular with our audience for its drive, price and practicality. So let's see how the new model stacks up as a BabyDrive…

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BabyDrive Verdict

Well, I can safely say it will not disappoint, especially in this top-spec GT Line trim! The new Sportage looks great on the outside with its new angular styling and grille design and the interior is just as nice, with a long sweeping combined media and driver display screen that wraps around you for 2/3 of the width of the dash.

One of my favourite new features of the Sportage is the headrests! They have iPad holders in the back of them for rear passengers to watch while you are driving along.

On the sides of the front seats are USB ports so you can charge them while driving too. Also, bag hooks on the back of both front seats are perfect for school bags!

We found the iPad holders double as a jacket or satchel hook for when you don't have kids in the car. (Careful Kia you are heading into Skoda territory with all these handy gadgets!!)

2022 Kia Sportage GT Line legroom with rear-facing child seats installed in the second row

We found for our family of four, the Kia Sportage was so practical with two Infasecure child seats in the back, (we had the Infasecure Attain More rear-facing and Infasecure Versatile Folding Booster Seat) leaving room in the central rear seat for me to sit if necessary.

2022 Kia Sportage GT Line with three child seats installed in the second row

If your family is larger and you need to fit three child seats across, I also tried three rear-facing Infasecure Attain More child seats and they fitted nicely too. We found a 180cm driver could fit in front of them and a 186cm front passenger could sit comfortably too.

2022 Kia Sportage GT Line boot space for twin side by side stroller pram and shopping with two rows of seats in use

Boot space has been increased in the new Kia Sportage and it will hold 16 shopping bags or a twin pram will fit in the boot with six shopping bags beside it.

2022 Kia Sportage GT Line boot space for twin side by side stroller pram and shopping with two rows of seats in use
2020 Kia Sportage

This is a good improvement over the previous model, shown above, would hold 13 shopping bags or a twin pram and three shopping bags.

The rest of the interior storage is quite practical with a good-sized glovebox and cup holders in the front and rear. I am disappointed the door bins are so narrow that I could only just force my reusable water bottle in them, my kids and husbands ones will not fit. Which meant theirs rolled around in footwells and on the back seat, which inevitably ends up with leaks and spills!

The media system is fantastic in the New Kia Sportage. It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Away from your smartphone connection, the system is really lovely and simple to use and navigate and there are some nice features that are good for families. Like quiet mode, which brings the speaker volume to the front. Handy for when kids or passengers are asleep in the back or on their devices.

Another is voice memo, which we love using to record the funny conversations we have while driving along with our kids. I also like it when I'm on my own in the car for recording work reminders.

The reversing camera image is really crisp and clear, it's a nice big image that fills the screen and you can turn the parking sensors off easily in the central console.

There is also a 360-degree camera, which I find really useful when there are kids and pets around where you have parked.

The New Kia Sportage has a rearview camera that you can turn on while driving forwards using a button in the central console, giving you great visibility out of the back when you have passengers or child seats in blocking the view from your mirror.

The New Kia Sportage also has indicator cameras that come up in the driver's display screen, giving you better visibility down the side of the car when turning or changing lanes.

The New Kia Sportage has some great updates, making it a great mid-sized SUV for families. It is nippy and fun to drive with a classic yet modern look and feel inside and out. I found wind and road noise a little loud on motorways but it is easy to drive around town and to park and negotiate in tight school and supermarket car parks.

The New 2022 Kia Sportage SUV has yet to be given an ANCAP crash test rating. It has seven airbags as standard, including a central front airbag.


Mocka nursery furniture



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Advert: Mocka nursery furniture
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