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The long-awaited 2023 Tesla Model Y review is here! I had the pleasure of living with the Tesla Model Y with my family for a few days and we had a lot of fun! This five-seater fully electric SUV looks fantastic, so let's find out how it stacks up as a family car as I put it through our BabyDrive testing…

BabyDrive Verdict

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Let's dive straight into the back seats for family practicality. The Tesla Model Y has ISOFix points in the two outer rear seats that are nice and easy to connect to.

The 2023 Tesla Model Y ISOFIX

There are top tether anchorages on the back of all three rear seat backs that are easy to connect to through the boot.

Three Infasecure child seats fit really nicely in the back seats. I Installed the Infasecure Achieve More forward-facing and two Infasecure Attain More (one forward-facing and one rear-facing) in the back of the Tesla Model Y. I also found a combination of two Achieve More and one Attain more would fit.

2023 Tesla Model Y equipped with 3 car seats in the back seat.

The footwell in the back of the Model Y is flat with no hump in the centre so it is nice and easy for little passengers to get to and from their child seats and more comfortable for older kids and adults when sitting in the back seats.

Legoom in the back seat of a 2023 Tesla Model Y with forward facing child seat installed

Legroom is good in the Tesla Model Y for taller families, we found a 186cm driver could sit in front of a rear-facing Infasecure Attain More child seat.

2023 Tesla Model Y equipped with 3 car seats in the back seat.

Rear passengers are well catered for with storage too. The door bins are a generous size and will hold a refillable water bottle and an iPad…

…while the map pockets on the back of both front seats will hold but not conceal an iPad…

…and if you don't have a passenger or child seat in the central seat there are two cup holders in a fold-down armrest to hold your coffee cup or your kids' drink bottles so they can access them while you are driving.

Rear passengers have aircon vents, in the back of the central console box, which enable you to keep little ones at the right temperature while driving.It also has two USB-C sockets below them for device charging.

Front passengers can control the aircon throughout the whole car through the front media screen.

Passengers in the front are equally well catered for; with two cup holders in the central console for your coffee cups.

Behind them is a good size, lined, central console…

…and another deep storage box in front of them with a retractable lid.

There are two wireless sloped charging pads in the Tesla Model Y just in front of this.

The glove box in the Tesla Model Y will hold an iPad and wallet and you open the glove box through the media screen.

Door bins in the front are more generous than the rear door bins and will also hold a refillable water bottle and iPad.

Storage space in the boot of the Tesla Model Y is very generous too.  From empty, the boot of the Tesla Model Y which holds fifteen shopping bags, matching the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and more space than the Genesis GV60 and Volvo C40 Recharge which both hold twelve shopping bags, and the BMW iX3 and Jaguar i-Pace which both hold thirteen shopping bags.

2023 Tesla Model Y trunk filled with blue bags.

You can fit all sizes of pram in the boot of the Tesla Model Y. Including a twin side-by-side pram fitting in the boot of the Model Y with five bags of shopping.

2023 Tesla Model Y with twin side by side stroller pram and blue bags in the trunk.

A single pram fits in the boot of the Tesla Model Y with seven bags of shopping beside it.

The 2023 Tesla Model Y trunk filled with blue bags and a single stroller pram.

You could transport your large-size family dog in the boot f the Tesla Model Y very comfortably, the boot is flat and carpeted and perfect for an emergency nappy change too!

2 toy dogs sitting in the trunk of a 2023 Tesla Model Y car.

The boot floor lifts up to reveal a large underfloor storage area in the Tesla Model Y.

I found it's large enough for three shopping bags or handy to keep all the beach gear!

Not forgetting under the bonnet of the Model Y it has a frunk too! Which is a great place to store the charging cables.

In the shopping bags test, we found four shopping bags will fit in the frunk of the Tesla Model Y.

2023 Tesla Model Y with blue storage bags in the frunk.

You may find the dash and controls very minimal in the Tesla Model Y if you are used to driving another brand of car. There are very few controls on the steering wheel…

…and everything else is controlled through the media screen.

It takes a little while to get used to because everything is in there, from opening the glove box, bonnet, climate, seats and the child locks. The child locks are great because you can turn on just one side or both for the rear doors. I found this useful to be able to lock just the side my toddler sits and not the side my eldest daughter sits.

There are other great fun things in the media screen too. Like Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube to keep passengers entertained while parked or charging.

Also a good selection of video games for the kids and some solitaire and sudoku, which I enjoyed when waiting at school pick up!

You can see where my family's humour is at as they spent most of our time enjoying the various sounds of fart mode! Not satisfied with one sound occasionally they enjoyed listening to them all and when I used the indicators too!

On a more sensible note, you can keep track of your EV usage and charging in the screen of the Tesla Model Y too.

The Tesla Model Y is a fully electric SUV and the model we tested is the least expensive one that does around 500km to a full battery charge, which we found a really practical amount for our family life. It meant we weren't having to charge every night and would feel comfortable doing a road trip as it's enough distance to cover a good amount of kilometres between charging stations (not to mention Tesla's supercharger stations that are better than most).

The Tesla Model Y has a really nice charging socket that is completely hidden behind the rear light panel. I love this because it means there is no socket flap disturbing the lines and design of the vehicle.

The cameras in the Tesla Model Y are very good; when you put it in reverse the camera image is lovely and clear and you have images down the side of the vehicle below the main image too. To the side is an aerial view with distance guides which I find really helpful when parking and manoeuvring.

The Tesla Model Y also has a great seatbelt removal visual in the bottom right of the media screen.

The Tesla Model Y is a lovely smooth electric car to drive your family around in. I like the fact I can sit with the aircon running when my little one is asleep in the back and not be wasting fuel or pumping fumes into the local environment.

It's a lovely silent drive so there is no noise to disturb little passengers too. Visibility is very good in the Model Y, even with three child seats installed in the back you can still see out of your rearview mirror. The rear camera view can be shown in the media screen at any time if you need it.

The 2023 Tesla Model Y makes a great family EV. The 500km range makes it practical for family daily life as well as road trips. Three child seats fit across the back seats of the Tesla Model Y with great legroom for the adults in the front.

2023 Tesla Model Y with 3 child seats in the back seat.

The boot space is fantastic and you can easily fit a twin or double pram in the boot of the Model Y if you need to, with space beside it for a weekly shop.

2023 Tesla Model Y with twin side by side stroller pram and blue bags in the trunk.

The media system is great, the games and fart mode in the Model Y make it fun and entertaining for the family too.

The 2023 Tesla Model Y has a five star ANCAP Safety Rating and seven airbags are standard in the Tesla Model Y.

Dual frontal, side chest-protecting and side head-protecting (curtain) airbags are standard. A centre airbag which provides added protection to front seat occupants in side impact crashes is also standard.


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Tace Clifford
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Tace Clifford founded BabyDrive in 2017 after discovering a huge information gap in mainstream car reviews that left new parents and expanding families in the dark when it came to one of the biggest purchasing decisions of their lives.


  1. Hi, this was super helpful. I would love to find out some more information about the legroom/comfort for the 186cm driver in front of the rf seat, as we are considering this car, but will have two children that I want in rf seats for next 2.5 and 4 years. Are there any photos of said person in the driver or passenger seat with the rf seat behind them?

    • Depends on their design and the order they go in. The seats we used were 46cm, 46cm and 48cm wide (hope that helps)

  2. Very nice review.
    How would you rate it compared to the Ioniq 5? Espacially regarding space in booth and back seats (needs to fit one car seat and 2 big teens)

  3. Hi all, have a 6yo and expecting twins in a couple of months. Considering a people mover but currently have a Model Y rwd. Any ideas if 2 capsules and a booster will fit comfortably? Trying my best to research but coming up short

    • Hi, I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine to fit those in the Model Y it’s quite generous for space. Especially if you choose three slim seats like two Infasecure Adapt More infant capsules or Infasecure Attain More seats for your twins. And an Infasecure Aspire More booster seat for your 6yo. Hope this helps 🙂

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