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BabyDrive Verdict

The 2019 Ford Endura Titanium is a large five-seater SUV, said to be a replacement for the Ford Territory but only available as a five-seater (if you want a seven-seat Ford you have to go for the Everest). Having never driven an Endura before, I am eager to give it a go and find out how good it is as a BabyDrive, so let's find out…

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Well, the Ford Endura makes a surprisingly good BabyDrive. In fact, I'm getting very surprised by all these Fords I'm testing at the moment and I wish we had been able to get them to review sooner.

Being only a five-seater it is not surprising that the Endura is a VERY spacious car, not in the same price range but the interior space feels along the lines of the BMW X5 for legroom and boot capacity, but of course not the same league of finish and interior styling.

The Endura is hard to compare with other similar-sized and priced vehicles because it is only available as a five-seater. For price and size it competes with the Mazda CX-8, Hyundai Santa Fe and Kia Sorento or even the mid-sized VW Tiguan.

If not trying to compare it and taking it on its own merits, this is a great family car. The back seats have plenty of room for installing three child seats; in fact I could fit three forward-facing or a combination of forward and rear-facing car seats. I also had room to sit between two child seats, which is great!

With rear-facing child seats installed there is plenty of room for a 182cm driver in front. Legroom is fantastic throughout the Endura and there is only a tiny hump in the central footwell which makes it much easier for a central passenger to put their legs or for kids to get about in the back.

In the top-spec Titanium model I tested the Endura has all the bells and whistles, like the DVD screens for the rear passengers, which my daughter LOVED to watch (and they did save us from child meltdown when stuck in a traffic jam during a storm)!

The headrests are also extremely adjustable which made for some ponytail wearing time while driving!

The enormous sunroof is another lovely feature and made the car feel even bigger and lighter inside.

There is a convenient child lock button on the driver's door panel and door lock too.

The boot of the Endura is enormous, it opens quietly which is good but does beep when it closes.

Empty the boot will hold eighteen shopping bags which is huge! It's the same as the Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series! In its class compared to the Mazda CX-8 and Hyundai Santa Fe both holding seventeen shopping bags, the Kia Sorento holding sixteen and the VW Tiguan holding twelve.

All types of stroller and pram easily fitted in the boot with good-sized family food shop!

The Media system in the Ford Endura SUV is great too, it is easy to navigate and use and it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The reversing camera image in the Endura does fill the whole screen but you tend to get a bit of glare on the screen, which I am finding with all the Fords I am testing. The parking sensor sound can be turned off with a button down in the central console.

One thing I am not a fan of is the rear heated seat buttons, located on the back of the central console box, which of course little ones love to fiddle with and you don't know they are cooking themselves until they are sweating away and complaining! There is also 12V and three-prong mains type plug socket in the back of the central console box too.

The is not a bad car to drive either, although like the Focus I do find I have to check the rotary dial gear knob to ensure that I have selected the right gear. Whether this is something you would get used to if you owned it over time I'm not sure. I also found the front, side pillars and mirrors caused me blind spots when turning and at junctions. Apart from those two niggles, it was a pleasant car on motorways and around town.

Storage is good throughout the Endura, holding large refillable water bottles in all the door bins and plenty of places for phones, wallets, iPads and coffee cups to be stored in both rows.

The 2019 Ford Endura has a five-star ANCAP Safety Rating, tested in 2016.

Seven airbags come as standard in the Ford Endura, including dual frontal, side chest-protecting and side head-protecting (curtain) airbags are standard, as is a knee airbag for the driver.

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BabyDrive Indepth

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Tace Clifford founded BabyDrive in 2017 after discovering a huge information gap in mainstream car reviews that left new parents and expanding families in the dark when it came to one of the biggest purchasing decisions of their lives.

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