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BabyDrive Verdict

Here it is… The long-awaited Audi Q7 review! So many people have asked for it and I finally got to test it with my family and put this luxury seven-seater SUV through our BabyDrive testing.

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The Audi Q7 is a lovely looking seven-seater SUV and the model I tested was in this great colour, metallic galaxy blue, which showed it off at its best.

The interior is crisp and modern too which makes it a pleasure to be in and it's really enjoyable to drive because you are cocooned from the outside and it's a quiet and smooth drive. It does feel a little slow to accelerate from a start but once you are going it's quick and responsive and really grips the road.

When it comes to practicality for a family the Q7 it's a great start having top tether anchorages and ISOFix in all five rear seats! YIPPEEEE!!

2021 Audi Q7 top tether anchorages for child seats

This enables large families to fit child seats in all five rear seats or smaller families the flexibility of seating positions for child seats.

2021 Audi Q7 third row with two child seats installed

The second-row seats are three individual seats, which makes installing child seats easier and gives enough room for an adult to sit between two child seats in the second-row. The second-row seats fold flat and tumble forward individually so you only have to remove one child seat in order to access the third-row. If you don't need to have five child seats installed you can leave an outer second-row seat empty and use it as your access through to the third-row.

2021 Audi Q7 second row with three child seats installed

We could fit three child seats across the second-row seats. In the third-row I found it best to put booster seats as legroom is limited in the third-row, as is kick room for your feet. I found for me to sit back there the second-row need to be in it's furthest forward position and I'm only 162cm.

2021 Audi Q7 booster seat in third row

Storage throughout the Q7 is quite minimal. There are individual cup holders in the third-row and in the second-row the cupholders are in a fold down in the central seat back but they will only hold a 600ml bottle. I found a reusable and a disposable coffee cup wouldn't fit in them securely.

The door bins are more practical in both the front and rear doors and will hold a large refillable water bottle and an iPad fits too. If you remember such things, there are ashtrays in the rear doors. Old school! I remember them being in all car doors when I was a child but it's not often you still see them!

In the front the central console storage is minimal but the glove box is cavernous.

The boot is very practical, you can raise and lower its height with buttons on the inside of the boot, this is great for when you are lifting heavy prams or shopping in and out of the boot and for dogs jumping up and down too.

2021 Audi Q7 boot space for dogs with third row folded

When you are only using five seats the boot of the Audi Q7 will hold seventeen shopping bags, that's comparable to the Land Rover Discovery and BMW X7 that will both hold 18 shopping bags. Double, tandem, twin and single prams all fit well in the boot underneath the roller blind with really good amounts of shopping too.

2021 Audi Q7 boot space for twin side by side stroller pram and shopping with third row folded

When you use all seven seats the boot space is impressive in the Audi Q7 and this is where it trumps some of its competitors by holding seven shopping bags.

2021 Audi Q7 boot space for shopping with third row in use

In comparison, the BMW X7 also holds seven and the Land Rover Discovery will only hold three shopping bags when you use all three rows of seats.

2021 Audi Q7 boot space for single stroller pram and shopping with third row in use

With the third row in use, a single pram will even fit in the boot of the Audi Q7 alongside a couple of shopping bags or a small dog!

2021 Audi Q7 boot space for dogs with third row in use

The interior of the Q7 is modern, with clean lines and the split media screen system, like in the Range Rover Velar, leaving a minimal dash because most of the buttons you would usually find on the dashboard are within the lower media screen. Like auto engine cut out and air conditioning controls for example.

The media system is nice and easy to navigate and use and it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

You can control the rear air-conditioning from the media screen in the Audi Q7 which is really useful.

The reversing camera image is excellent quality, lovely crisp clear images and you have multiple views to choose from. You can mute the sensors on the screen too. There is also a rearview camera in the Audi Q7 that you can have on while driving, making rear visibility easier when you have five child seats in the back!

There's also a 3D camera option which allows you to view your car from the outside.

You can bring up your navigation in the whole screen in front of the steering wheel while driving which I found really handy when navigating to new places.

Unfortunately, the Audi Q7 doesn't have air vents in the third row and third-row access is a bit tricky especially as you have to remove a child seat in order to do so. Other than that it is a great seven-seater luxury SUV in terms of drive and functionality, with a great media and camera system.

I did find the doors of the Audi Q7 I tested rarely shut first time and you really had to slam them to get them to close, which did mean a lot of getting kids to open and shut their door multiple times to start a journey and of course this is baby-waking!

The Audi Q7 scored a five star ANCAP safety rating, it has six airbags as standard. Including dual frontal airbags, side chest-protecting airbags for front and second row and side head-protecting curtain airbags for front, second and third rows.


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  1. Super helpful – thanks!
    When installing the 3 car seats in the 2nd row, did you use the ISOFix for all 3 seats?
    Or did you have to use the seat belt for one of them?

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